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Along the Tanaro River

Leaving the railway station of Alessandria you have to ride left, westwards, towards the bridge Tiziano; before the bridge you have to turn left (the old road Bagliani) towards Casalbagliano.
The river is quite near the road, and occasionally you can see it on your right; you can also get there, here as throughout the whole route, along the dirt roads that you occasionally cross.
At the traffic light of Casalbagliano you have to ride straight on, crossing the village and reaching the street Tagliata, where you have to turn right towards Villa del Foro, that you will reach at the level of the cemetery. The Roman Antiquarium of Forum Fulvi is worth a visit. Then you proceed towards Oviglia, and then to Masio, where you meet the first bridge over the Tanaro river after Alessandria and where an ancient medieval tower overlooks the valley of lower Tanaro.
A steep climb to cross the village and then gradually proceed on a slightly wavy route towards the locality Mogliotti; here the landscape is very different: vineyards and woods are all around . Once arrived at the wine co-operative the climb is complete; you have to turn right, crossing the locality and then start a steep descent towards the plane of Rocchetta Tanaro. At the end of the descent you have to enter the county road that goes to Belveglio; Rocchetta is on the right, but the church of Our Lady of the Ciappellette is worth a brief visit, with its Pre-Romanesque apse, which can be seen at the crossroads, a few tens of metres on the left. Once crossed Rocchetta, you can enter the Regional Park of Rocchetta Tanaro, where you can find some cycling routes and stopover points.
You have to keep the right, as close as possible to the river; here starts the dirt road of about 2 km that leads out of the park. Then you will find a paved road, close to the locality of S. Anna of Rocca d'Arazzo, you have to turn right, towards the river, that you will follow for a while, until you find the entrance of a one kilometre long ascending road - a little challenging - that leads to Azzano d'Asti. Here, from the Belvedere, you can admire the plane of Asti, that can be reached riding down along some bends and proceeding for the last few kilometres of the route; once arrived in Asti you have to cross the bridge over the Tanaro river and continue straight to the railway station.