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Among woods and towers

The tour starts from the square of Monastero Bormida, crossing the medieval bridge and pedaling towards Roccaverano; after 6 kilometres, just before the bridge over the Tatorba stream, you have to turn left towards Cessole; you'll pass close to the Madonna del Deserto, where a steep climb starts that, in two kilometres and with an average grade line of 15%, leads to the top. The landscape is beautiful; you have to turn left towards San Giorgio Scarampi; remaining on the ridge, riding through Regione Galli, you'll reach, after about two kilometres, the church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Here, proceeding left on a dirt road, you can reach San Giorgio Scarampi. You can also continue on the paved road and ride towards Vesime.
The descent becomes steeper and you'll arrive to the Church of Assunta (km 12). You can enter Vesime from the bridge over the Bormida river and, after a stop, you can continue towards San Giorgio Scarampi. The climb, after the first part, becomes quite challenging. Shortly you'll get to the village, and then you have to proceed to Roccaverano. The climb becomes more gentle, the landscape is charming; past the crossroads to Olmo Gentile you'll shortly arrive to the destination. Now you can proceed towards San Giovanni; you'll pass by the tower of Vengore and proceed to the crossroads to San Gerolamo.
Continue for one kilometre until the following crossroads; here you can continue left on the road of the Tatorba Valley. You'll pass through San Gerolamo and descend quickly to take again the county road n° 56 to Monastero Bormida, where the tour ends. 36 kilometres in all.