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Between Belbo and Bormida valleys

Get out from the railway station and cross the centre of Acqui, then take the county road towards Moirano. Here you'll find a climb of about 4 kilometres leading to Moirano. Ride through the village and you'll enter in the province of Asti, where you have to continue riding uphill more easily towards Castel Rocchero, an almost unpopulated medieval village, whose city centre is still intact.
Now get out from the village, riding towards the cemetery and, after about one kilometre, take, on the left, the road Acqui-Nizza. The landscape is spectacular, you'll be surrounded by vineyards and sweet hills. At the level of the winery "la Barretta", at the crossroads to Fontanile, you have to turn left onto a road that goes uphill. Once on top, after about 100 metres, turn right, riding dowhill along the hill and, at the following crossroads, continue on your left; proceed uphill for a while and then downhill towards to the 17th-century church of San Sebastiano.
Here you'll cross the county road and turn left towards Castel Boglione; pass through the village and ride towards the monumental church.
Here you'll start the ascending road Gallasia that, with some breathtaking tears leads to Rocchetta Palafea; you can stop at the church of San Pietro and then continue riding uphill to the county road n
° 114, where you have to turn left towards Rocchetta, where you'll find the church of San Rocco, built in 1628, when the plague raged. Then you'll get to the village , with a small town centre, a beautiful baroque church and a medieval tower.

Continue towards Sessame for about two kilometres, till the crossroads to Cassinasco; here you can take a small road that, after about five kilometres of ups and downs leads to Cassinasco, characterized, as the majority of villages in the area, by a medieval tower.
Now you leave the village and, shortly after, you'll find the crossroads that goes to Loazzolo; if you are not too tired, you can proceed on the long descending road of about four kilometres that leads to Bubbio.
At the crossroads you have to turn left onto the county road that goes along the Bormida river until Monastero Bormida. In the town centre you have to turn right and cross the medieval bridge on the river towards Roccaverano; but shortly after you have to turn left toward Ponti. A pleasant apparently flat road leads you to the bridge that goes to the other side of the Bormida river, which marks the border between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria; the road leads then to the main road to Acqui. You have to follow it for about one kilometre, till the crossroads to Sassello; now turn right; after about three kilometres of ups and downs, you'll meet the road of Sassello that you have to take towards Terzo d 'Acqui.
Once at the roundabout, under the fortress of Terzo, turn right on the busy road that after two kilometres of straight road brings you back to Acqui.