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Collegiata di San Secondo

Open to the public 

From 7.30am to 7pm

Piazza San Secondo, Asti (AT)
+39 0141 530066
Guided tours 
Educational Activities 


Dedicated to the Patron Saint of Asti, the present church was built between the 13th and the 15th century. Of the previous building remain only the Romanesque bell tower and the central part of the crypt (10th century) which holds the Saint’s remains. Internally there are three gothic naves with many precious works among which are the polyptych and a plate of Gandolfino d’Asti, the 18th century wooden chorus and traces of frescoes dated from the 1300s and 1400s. The first chapel of the right nave hosts the drapes of the Palio donated to the church every year on 1st Tuesday of May during the medieval ceremony of the Offering of the Palio. At the end of the nave is the 18th century chapel of San Secondo designed by Bernardo Vittone.