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DOUJA D’OR – 52nd Edition

The National Exhibition of Selected Wines awaits you this year in the prestigious venues of Asti historic center! The events will take place at Palazzo Ottolenghi, Palazzo Alfieri, the headquarters of the Scuola Alberghiera (Hotel School) and in Piazza Roma.
The National Exhibition of Selected Wines will transform streets and squares into a wine citadel where you can taste 283 wines produced by 175 Italian companies and wineries. At Palazzo Ottolenghi there will be the self-service wine shop, the spaces dedicated to Vermouth and grappa; in Piazza Roma the wine-tasting stalls and the agrifood market; Piatto and Dolce d’Autore (dinner cooked by renowned chefs from Asti and the lands surrounding the town) at the Scuola Alberghiera; at Palazzo Alfieri la Douja del Monferrato, dedicated to the best wines of the territory with the Consorzio della Barbera e Vini del Monferrato (Consortium for the defense and promotion of the Barbera d’Asti and Monferrato wines): furthermore, exhibitions and, on the third weekend of September, events in Piazza Cattedrale. Piazza San Secondo (San Secondo square) will be dedicated to Piedmont Land of Perfection, which gathers all Piedmont Protection Consortia.

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