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The Path of Colli Divini

Moncalvo, fraz. S.Giovanni
junction to Grana
Localita' sul percorso 
Moncalvo (area of Valle S.Giovanni), Moncalvo (area of S.Maria), Grana, Castagnole, hamlet of S.Stefano, Montemagno, junction to Grana
approximately 28 km
tempo di percorrenza 
2 days
difficolta' del percorso 

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Area of Valle S.Giovanni (180 m) – area of S.Maria (240 m) - Grana (270 m) - Castagnole, (240 m) – Montemagno (250 m) - junction to Grana (190 m)
Length: 27,7 km


You start off from S.Giovanni, in the municipal area of Moncalvo. There is a train station not far away which can come in handy if you want to come to the trail start point without having to use private transportation. The road winds from the foot of Moncalvo, almost near the border with Grazzano Badoglio. It crosses a very diverse area, denoted by the rolling hills of Monferrato. As you continue walking down the path, you reach and pass through the residential complexes of Costanzana, Santa Maria and Minoglio. If you look west, the village of Penango stands far away, with its beautiful eighteenth-century parish church, which is a work by Magnocavallo. Valuable paintings by “the Moncalvo” are preserved in this church. In the area of Grana, you will come to a junction that leads to a circular path. If you turn left in a south-easterly direction and walk along a stretch on the valley bottom in a rural context, you will go back up to the village of Montemagno, from which you can join “The Path of the Romanesque”. If you turn right, you will climb to the village of Grana and here, you can enjoy some very scenic points on the surrounding landscape. It is certainly worth spending some time on the streets of the village. The old town is still well preserved, and the impressive late eighteenth-century parish church overlooks the entire village. This church preserves paintings, some of which are of “the Moncalvo”, and a beautiful wooden choir. Do not miss the adjacent chapel with the relics and art gallery, which contain real gems of religious art. As you leave the village, the path points towards Castagnole Monferrato. You walk among beautiful hills where the view sweeps away to contemplate landscapes of great charm, where the geometry of vineyards and fields is just interrupted sporadically by bushes and wooded strips, which are very valuable for the preservation of most of the remaining wildlife. There is a bicycle rental service in the town of Castagnole for those who wish to visit the surrounding areas by bicycle or arrive at the site by bus or car and want to take the paths by bike. Castagnole is internationally renowned for being the home of a very precious wine: Ruché. In this regard, it is worth mentioning among local curiosities that the sundial of Ruché is the largest sundial in the world having wine as a subject. Other interesting features are “Tenuta la Mercantile”, a eighteenth-century villa preserving the largest winepress in Europe, and the staircase of the old castle yard in the fortified area of the Miraja. Finally the parish church, which houses valuable paintings by “the Moncalvo” and the church of the Confraternita dell’Annunziata, designed in Piedmont Baroque are worth visiting. The route continues to the south through hills planted with vines, and again points towards the north, after a wide curve, all the way to Montemagno. The village is very evocative. It has retained its original medieval layout and the architectural typology of the place. The castle of medieval origin overlooks the place and it is one of the most valuable castles of Asti. Thirteen roads fan out from the south-west branch of the castle park and give the village a very characteristic appearance. The parish church of Assunta, with its monumental staircase, and the picturesque ruins of the Romanesque church of Santi Vittore and Corona atop a hill not far away are certainly worth visiting. As you leave Montemagno behind, you continue northwest and, after you walk on the countryside for a short distance, you return to the junction to Grana that you had previously intercepted.

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Hiking and MTB trail
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