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The festivities of the Patron Saint of Asti begin on Saturday, May 4th at 9.30pm, with the Corteo Storico, the historical night procession starting out from Piazza Cattedrale; in Piazza San Secondo, at 10pm, Giuramento dei Rettori, the solemn oath of the Rectors followed by the Stima del Palio, the evocative medieval ceremony during which “estimators” representing the ancient Weavers and Merchants Guild evaluate the cloth of the Palio(prize).
Solemn Mass on Sunday 5th and traditional fireworks display on the banks of the Tanaro river on Monday 6th (evening). On Tuesday 7th, Offering of the Palio to the Collegiate Church of San Secondo and “Minestra dei Poveri”, the soup for the poor distributed to citizens. Fiera Carolingia (historical street market) on Wednesday 8th.
On Saturday 11th, Paliotto degli Sbandieratori (flag waver competition) in Piazza San Secondo and, on Sunday 12th, Sbandierata del Santo performed by young musicians and flag wavers.
On Sunday 19th, in Piazza Statuto, Concerto di San Secondo, concert performed by the music band of Asti.
From May 4th to 12th, in Piazza Campo del Palio, amusement park and Fiera di San Secondo (fair) with various thematic areas: from residential construction to home furnishing, from objects and handicrafts to wellness solutions, from car and motorcycle dealers to garden furniture. Free admission.
Opening times: Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun, 10am-11pm, Mon, Thur, Fri 5pm-11pm.

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