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The Romanesque Road

You leave from the railway station of Cunico and you get out on the county road to Asti; after about five hundred metres you have to turn right towards Montechiaro. After a while you'll find a road on the right that rises to the church of San Nazario and Celso, whose bell tower stands out among the hills.
Continue on the path among the vineyards riding up the hill and you'll find again the county road to Montechiaro at level of the cemetery. You have to ride towards the village; at the entrance it is possible to take a deviation on the right and visit the Romanesque church of Piesenzana. You have to cross Montechiaro and descend toward the station. At the second bend on the left take the road Vignasone that leads, with a series of uphill and downhill roads, at the crossroads with the road SS 458; you have to cross it and start riding uphill towards Cortazzone.
After less than two kilometres, near the castle of Casasco, you have to turn right, continuing up the coast until Soglio. Continue downhill to Cortazzone; still a kilometre downhill and, past the crossroads, continue straight on, towards Montafia; in less than one kilometre you have to turn right on the hill of Mongiglietto: a short steep climb leads to the magical Church of San Secondo, that you can visit by asking for the keys to the nearby farmhouse. Then you have to continue on the road Mongiglietto for about one kilometre, then ride downhill until you find the county road to Montafia. You have to cross the village and getting out, turn left towards the cemetery where you'll have to face a short but steep climb up to the church of San Martino. Turning back you have to ride towards Capriglio.
Past the village you have to ride uphill, passing by Serra and then going downhill; you pass near the sanctuary on the hill Colle Don Bosco, and continue on a flat road up to Castelnuovo Don Bosco. A long panoramic ascent among the vineyards leads to Albugnano.
Without entering the village you have to ride downhill, on the left, towards the monumental Abbey of Vezzolano (km 36 - closed on Mondays). You can visit the church of San Pietro, inside the cemetery of Albugnano. Then continue towards Aramengo, until you cross the road SS 458, turn towards Chivasso, and proceed, on the right, along the steep road that crosses the locality Masio and leads to the church of San Giorgio. Continue on a dirt road that leads to Aramengo. Continue along this road and descend on the road SS 458 up to the crossroads, on the left, to Cocconato. Three kilometres of challenging ascent will lead you to the village. Now you have to take a steep descent and ride uphill briefly up to Piovà Massaia. Cross the village and descend toward Montiglio. Ride uphill to the locality of Carboneri and then, after three kilometres of ups and downs, you'll come to Cunico and then get to the starting point. 60 km in all.