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In Upper Monferrato

Get out from Canelli, following the course of the Belbo river, towards Nizza; after 5 km turn left to San Marzano, at the level of the church of St. Giovanni delle Conche.
Ride uphill gently along rows of hazels, until the last kilometre, where the slope reaches 8 / 9%. You'll arrive in S. Marzano (km 9), with its beautiful medieval castle; ride downhill and after about one kilometre take a deviation on the right towards Regione Chierina; after 800 metres you'll find a crossroads: turn left on the climb that leads to Moasca , where you can visit the recently restored medieval fortress. Staying on the same side you have to leave the village and descend towards the crossroads with the county road n° SP6 (church of the Annunziata); turn right and continue riding for a kilometre along a quite busy road until you find a crossroads on your left that goes to Agliano.
Follow the signals riding uphill up to the village. Follow the left and descend towards Terme, to go on the plain that borders the spa, the campsite and the pool. Proceed until you cross the former State road to Asti; you'll find the village of Montegrosso in front of you. Turn left and ride for one kilometre to the roundabout where you'll take the county road n° 39 towards Costigliole. Ride across Vallumida and then uphill to St. Stefano. Proceed up to Madonnina (a sanctuary of the 18th century)
Proceed towards Costigliole d'Asti. Ride towards the ring road and going up to the crossroads on the left, towards Annunziata. Once arrived at the church of the Annunziata take the descent towards Castagnole delle Lanze. A series of ups and downs leads you to the village. Descend towards the station and take the busy county road that goes along the rail up to Boglietto. Turn right and after one kilometre leave the valley road to ride towards Calosso. Continue for three kilometres among vineyards and you'll get to the crossroads that leads to Calosso; but you can decide to turn left towards Canelli. Just a few kilometres of ups and downs until you find the locality of S. Antonio. This is the last part of the itinerary that, with a fast descent of two kilometres, takes you back to Canelli. 55 kilometres in all.