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October 21st and 22nd INCISA SCAPACCINO

The hunchbacked cardoon of Incisa Scapaccino (it grows crooked because it is partially buried and, in the attempt of searching for light, it bends upwards assuming the characteristic shape) is the...

October 13th – 15th CALOSSO

On Friday and Saturday the ancient “Crotin” (wine cellars carved in the tuff stone, also known as “Infernot”) open for food and wine tastings. On Sunday, the following appointments are held: “...

October 15th and 16th FERRERE

The competition awards the best honey produced in Piedmont. For experts and visitors many “sweet” opportunities to learn more about this important and healthy food. Salami and wine tastings,...

October 5th - 8th CASTELLERO

The “sweetest” village of Northern Astigiano celebrates the hazelnut with meetings, panel discussions, workshops, foot race among hazelnut trees and awards to the best producers. The fair takes...

October 8th COAZZOLO

As every year, tribute to the precious sauce made with must and fruit for the feast that celebrates the end of the harvest. From 11am food, wine and music in all courtyards, crafts market and...

October, 1st CISTERNA D’ASTI

On the occasion of Madonna del Rosario celebrations and the traditional fair, at the Castle of Cisterna d’Asti the workshops of the ethnographic museum “Museo Arti e Mestieri di un Tempo” return...

from September 28th to October 1st VILLANOVA D’ASTI

The "Bionda di Villanova e Crivelle" is a kind of hen from the western part of the province of ​​Asti whose fine meat is appreciated by the best international chefs. To taste specialties prepared...

ASTI - On Saturday 23rd from sunset and on Sunday 24th all day long

The event invites you to discover the medieval town with its great mercantile tradition and re-enacts moments of life, traditions and costumes of the 14th century: artisans, merchants, peasants,...

PIEA September 22nd – 24th

Protagonist of fables, tales and proverbs, pumpkin competition in Piea!
The biggest one, the rarest one, the one coming from farther afield. Furthermore, there will be delicacies made with...

ASTI September 17th

Edition 2017 of the Palio of Asti, the oldest recorded bareback horse race in Italy, run since the 13th century!
It is held in Piazza Alfieri and will be preceded by a parade with more than...