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The naturalist aspect with historical and literary influences prevails in the Nature Reserve of the Valle Sarmassa, which lies in the southern part of the province and includes three Municipalities: Vinchio, Vaglio Serra and Incisa Scapaccino. The park offers also gymnastic route (green) an equestrian (red), routes for mountain-bike (grey), picnic areas and equipped resting places. On the literary routes that interweave with those of the Reserve, there are dedicated annual appointments with guided walks.


It is perhaps the most well-known, also at an international level, for its Paleontological features rich in fossilize remains originating from marine organisms found in the sandy layers of the steep and wooded hills that characterize them. Available for visitors are signed paths, mountain bike and horse trails and picnic areas.

The protected area extends only for 120 hectares, entirely in the commune of Rocchetta Tanaro on a plateau that slopes down towards the river Tanaro. An ideal place for a tranquil stroll in the woodland, suitable for all. The reserve is known as “the wood of the Marquis” because it was a property of the marquises Incisa della Rocchetta. Signed pathways, cycle paths, horse riding trails, routes for the blind and partially sighted, areas for people with physical disabilities and for picnic are available.

A chance to experience the territory and to get further information on the origins of the hills, the flora and fauna characterizing it. There are three protected areas in the province of Asti, recognized by the Piedmont Region and managed by the Parchi Astigiani Authority