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Il polentone di Bubbio

On April 26th  and 27th  Sagra del Polentone 95th edition

The legend tells the story of a group of poor, hungry and tired tinkers that reached Bubbio and were helped by the Lord of the manor,  who offered them maize flour. The “magnin” (tinkers) cooked an enormous Polenta in the square and ate it with the inhabitants of the village, who were equally starving due to famine. Each year the inhabitants of Bubbio re-enact the event: the Lords with the courtiers, armigers and drummers leave  the castle; sacks of flour are loaded on the carts surrounded by tinkers and cheerful people; the parade winds through the village and reaches the square where in a huge copper pot the polenta is cooked and served with sausages, mushroom sauce and an inviting onion  omelette.  On 26th , the previous evening, the Serata del Borgo Antico recreates the atmosphere and flavours of ancient times.

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