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Oxen and capons

Discover the fairs dedicated to the ox and the capon in the province Asti MONCALVO December 11th - 376^ FIERA DEL BUE GRASSO December 8th GIORNATA DELL’OLIO e SAGRA DEL BOLLITO DI BUE GRASSO The Fat Ox is an excellence of the Piedmont breed. The historic fair opens on December 11th at 8 am with the traditional distribution of the bowl of broth and chickpeas. From 11am - all day long- distribution of the Mixed Boiled Meats at the stall of the Pro Loco Association and at local restaurants. In the afternoon guided visit to the historic centre, to the works of Guglielmo Caccia, known as il Moncalvo, and to the local Bottega del Vino with the old ramparts of the Medieval Castle. Among the several collateral appointments: on December 8th the Giornata dell’Olio, a day dedicated to the regional oil productions, to the typical produce market and to the Mixed Boiled Meats served at local restaurants and at the Pro Loco Association. Info and program: +39 0141 917505 +39 347 5367607 NIZZA MONFERRATO December 1st 7^ FIERA DEL BUE GRASSO E DEL MANZO Already in the seventeenth century Nizza stood out for its big cattle market. For some years the town has chosen to celebrate one of its most important product on the first Sunday of December. The town square is the setting of the fair, with the heads of cattle that will be evaluated and awarded. A suggestive “parade” to the Foro Boario will follow and there Mixed Boiled Meats will be served. Info: +39 0141 720500/507 SAN DAMIANO D’ASTI December 7th – 8th -9th FIERA STORICA DEL CAPPONE DI SAN DAMIANO e Mercatino del Tipico in Libertà The capon in Piedmont refers to an ancient tradition particularly related to Christmas time. In San Damiano the tradition is still alive and in recent years has gained more energy and importance also at a national level thanks to commercial. The market-exhibition with typical products of the territory opens on Saturday, December 7th at 3 pm. On Sunday in the central Piazza Libertà, the historical fair and a conference on the capon with the eno-gastronomic journalist Paolo Massobrio and musical events in the afternoon. On Monday morning the traditional distribution of capon broth with croutons of "grissia" (the traditional Monferrato bread) and a glass of Barbera d'Asti. Info: Municipality +39 0141 975056 VESIME December 14th FIERA DI SANTA LUCIA E DEL CAPPONE The Fiera del Cappone taking place in the Langa Astigiana is a unique appointment. The fair will also host a market with typical products. Info: Municipality +39 0144 89015